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The Heuman Condition is my view of the actions of the day, the people who initiate them and my insights into what I think is really going on in the human world. Right or wrong I always have an opinion and this is my way of making it heard. Even though you are wrong I value your opinions too.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Please make it stop

This could be the title for many things I feel I cannot stand much more of but for now I need "reality TV" to stop. I think for the purposes of this piece I will consider it unscripted instead of reality TV even though that is is questionable too.

I am not sure how much more I can take of this, being the one calling my work the Heuman condition it could be a perfect study of how people respond under stress or when they are falling in love but it is such a bunch of bull and presented so poorly that I struggle to find any value at all. The characters are chosen to show he extremes of society so right off the bat we are not working with a full deck of human emotions and thoughts. I do not watch much but from what I have seen virtually none of my friends or acquaintances would react the way the people do on TV. One also has to consider the mental state of people who wish to have their raw emotions strewn across the screen for the entertainment of others. After all in 30 seconds most people know who will and who won't be in the running for the money or the ring or whatever so many of them have to know they are fodder.

It started with just 1 show and now there nights of shows, love, fear, anger, jealousy, instincts, physical endurance, smarts, pain we see it all but in a format that makes human emotions a big joke. I think more of people than that, I am empathetic to raw emotions from real people, I want to help if friends or strangers need it, I want to celebrate when I see real joy in people from finding success, love, friendship. All I want to do when I see what TV makes of these real things is turn away.

I have an alternate reality, one which many people do not understand and make fun of. Interestingly I feel more real emotion from people I cannot see but who's words ring out through social media. The joy people have from meeting friends who have had many conversations but are seeing each other for the first time in real life. The moments of romance and love that remind us that is a part of our lives we may be neglecting at the the moment. The moments of celebration of a new family member, illness beaten, a new job, success at school or at work, something you want to share. Conversely the frustration vented in 140 characters, the loss, the disappointment, the fear expressed. These are real emotions not provoked by a producer or cut for my entertainment purposes, this is life unscripted.

Many of these people I do not"see", some I may never see but much of what I feel is real. People respond to support those who are reaching out, many are friends, some are people with similar experiences, some are just people who care. Who want to be supportive in moments when people feel most alone. In happier times it is a real pick up to see raw excitement of plans to meet friends, celebrations that take place, moments of true joy.

For me this is a place to witness the human condition, the humour, the drunk posts, the happy, the sad, the conflicts, the beliefs, the personalities this is part of my reality. The real beauty of this world is that it has lead to meet many of the people I converse with on a regular basis and increased dramatically my real world.

For those of you who enjoy "reality TV" good for you. I will take the reality of the people who friend or follow me, who chose to read my mindful and mindless postings, who engage with me from near or far and those I can communicate with. These people are far more real to me than characters chosen to shock and amuse me, my reality is my window into the Heuman condition.

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  1. Bravo!!!! Couldn't have written it better! You have expressed quite articulately what I have been feeling for a few years.